Today’s the big day. After months of writing and rewriting, editing, copy-editing and proof-reading, the publication of my novel, ‘Lie To Me’ has been announced by Bookouture and the cover revealed.  The novel is available on Amazon for Kindle pre-orders and will also be available as a physical book after the official publication date, 19 April 2017.  I really love the cover and feel it sums up the central theme of the novel and its atmosphere perfectly.  I hope it makes you want to step inside.

‘Lie to Me’ is my first thriller and I’m very excited about this new phase in my writing career.  As an avid thriller reader myself, I was already a huge fan of Bookouture, so I couldn’t be more pleased to be joining their fantastic list of authors.  I won’t lie to you (sorry, let’s get the puns over and done with at the start) but Jess Ryder is not my real name.  The name I usually use for my work is Jan Page but all my previous books are written for young children and teenagers. Somehow it didn’t feel right to add dark, twisting psychological thrillers to the list of children’s books by Jan Page available on Amazon.  How could the writer of ‘Dog on a Broomstick’ be the same person? Besides, this is a new departure for me and I’m rather enjoying having a new persona. 

Over the next weeks and months I’m going to be blogging about ‘Lie to Me’ and thriller writing in general. I’ll also be blogging about thrillers I’ve read recently and why I love this genre.  In between all that, I’m going to be working hard to finish my next thriller which is due to be published by Bookouture later this year. More about that later.

I hope you’ll want to pre-order ‘Lie to Me’ and that when it pops onto your screen on April 19, you’ll find it a gripping read. I’m always very keen to hear from readers, so please let me know if you’ve enjoyed it. I’m always happy to answer questions so get in touch here or go to my Facebook page @JessRyderAuthor or follow me on Twitter @jessryderauthor.  




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